iPad Mini Retina or iPad Air?

Hello Guys..

Well, I have an iPad 3, I was thinking about selling mine and buying the iPad Mini Retina ’cause I’ve been reading a lot of stuff from college and I want a thiner and lighter tablet. The iPad 3 is really heavy for reading things with just one hand. But then I remembered about the iPad Air. It’s big but still thiner and lighter. I’ve never touched one, so I don’t know how it feels like on my hands. Is it good to carry with one hand like the iPad Mini Retina? Thanks for the replies (:


  1. Davi-

    Regarding how they feel to hold and handle, if you do not have access to a retail store to go and spend some time with both of them back to back, I would suggest ordering both.

    When they arrive, take them out of the box and do exactly what you would do with them if you were in a store. Get a feel for the size and balance and how easy they are to work with. Keep your favorite and send the other one back for a refund. Which ever model you choose, I would consider a MacCase Premium Leather Folio or one of their V_Carbon Folios to protect it. I hope this helps you decide.

  2. I would get the iPad mini with retina. It seems to fit your needs more. If you like it in one hand and you use it for reading, the light 7.9 form factor is more palm-able and ‘book like’ for reading. plus it’s cheaper and more portable than iPad air.

    BTW, I think some stores have a Trade in deal, like you give them your iPad 3 and you get points to get a BIG discount on a newer device. (There is a store in my area that does this, it’s called Simply Mac)

    P.s. if you already have an iPad 3, maybe you should keep it and get an iPhone or iPod touch?

  3. I would get the iPad air if you getting rid of the iPad 3. The bigger screen will be very nice for web browsing and reading. I own a retina mini and I love it, but I only use it for travel while my 10 inch for home. The screen on the air has a better color reproduction than mini but the mini will look sharper. I suggest keeping the old iPad and buying a new ipad mini retina.

  4. Melissa says:

    I’d buy the iPad Mini 16 GB just because it’s cheaper and smaller

  5. Skywalker says:

    Hey davi, actually the question here is whether you like the big screen of iPad 3 and are comfortable with it or are you looking for a smaller screen to give you more portability. In case if you are looking for the same screen of iPad 3 just with lighter weight and faster processor with every inner ware improved, then iPad Air would be the first choice, but if you are looking for something even more portable, then iPad Mini would be my first preference to go for.

    iPad Air vs iPad Mini Retina – Comparison and discussion on which is better:


    Hope this helped!

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