iPad mini or regular iPad?

So my dads birthday is coming up in a few days and I was thinking about getting him an iPad but i’m not sure which one to get him. He has an iPhone 4s so I think it will be more business than personal. He needs to take pictures of people so a clear screen would be nice but is hard to type on the big one? He needs reading glasses too. The small one is very portable but the big one is good for bad eyesight so i’m not sure about which one to get him. Input is greatly appreciated!


  1. A full sized ipad would be better. I would recommend getting a refurb ipad 2 (almost brand new) from apple. Same specs (and price!) as an ipad mini too. http://store.apple.com/us/product/FC769LL/A

  2. Chicken Wing says:

    I have the ipad & i’ve seen the ipad mini it’s the exact same thing, except the size, obviously. I wish I would have gotten the ipad mini though the size is just way more convenient.

  3. Christine says:

    Get the real ipad. The ipad mini is the same as the ipad except the software isn’t as good as the ipad’s, since the ipad has been around longer. Basically it’s like getting a first gen ipad vs 3rd generation real ipad. Ipad mini is almost pointless, ipad for sure!

  4. I think the big one would be better

  5. I think your best bet would defiantly be the regular iPad I own both and have defiantly liked the regular iPad way more when it came it business and taking pictures. Also the regular iPad has a better display then the iPad mini and has a faster processor. Defiantly the best iPad for business. Although the iPad mini might be a little bit more portable then the regular iPad, you still wouldn’t be able to fit it into most pockets. It’s up to you but that’s my opinion.

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