Ipad Mini or Ipad with retina display? Video Quality?


I am considering purchasing either the ipad mini or the ipad with retina display. I am looking for which one has better video quality as I currently have the ipad 2 and better quality video for my small business.

Any suggestions?



  1. The iPad 2 can capture 720p video. This is considered high definition.

    The iPad mini and iPad with Retina display can both capture 1080p video. While this is higher video resolution, you may not really need it.

    We don’t know what you mean by "better quality video". If lighting is poor or the video is not captured while using a steadying device, replacing the existing capture device will not help very much… though the iPad mini and iPad with Retina display do have video stabilization that the iPad does not have, humans were not built to be steady.

    Using additional light and a steadying device is *strongly* suggested no matter which video capture device you use, so that may be the first investment you make if you do not already have them… then consider upgrading the iPad.

    Since we don’t know the capture environment, suggesting lighting is challenging. As for a steadying device, this is a suggestion:
    there are lots of others.

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