ipad mini or ipad 2/3 ?

Im raising money to get me something special. and well i like the mini and the size its convenient. but a lot of people complain about the processor and the screen resolution they said the processor isnt good for gaming, and well, im not that much of a gamer but i do play games. the ipad two has a bad camera i dont like that, and well the ipad three is pretty expensive a real stretch in my budget but both of those are better than the mini is what im hearing?? what should I get??


  1. ipad mini is recommended as it have more pixel density

  2. iPad Air or iPad mini 2

  3. why is this even a question? ipad mini bro

  4. My preference would be like this:
    - iPad 3
    - iPad Mini
    - iPad 2

    If you have good amount of budget then iPad 3 is the best option without any doubt. It has far better screen compared to other two. I.e 2048*1536 Retina display @254PPI. Whereas the other two have non-HD displays I.e 1024*768 resolution @132PPI for iPad 2 and @162PPI for iPad Mini.

    Other than that the chip used in iPad 3 is more advanced and battery saving compared to the other two. So iPad 3 is the way to go.

    I suggest you read this review on iPad 3 vs iPad 2 and iPad Mini from an actual user, would definitely help you out on this decision:

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