Ipad Mini or Ipad 2?!?

Which one should I get! They both have every thing I like but one of them I will have to wait a little bit longer to save for (Ipad 2 = 399.000 dollars, Ipad Mini = 329.000 dollars)


  1. Justice League says:

    If you have a Micro center store near by,they will give $50 off on the outdated model’s .I got a ipad 2 for $350 from micro center.Just a little savings. Ipad mini is sort of kindle.If you like mini i recommend buying kindle else go to ipad 2.It’s worth the 350.

  2. I think you should get an ipad 2. First of all, an ipad 2 has a bigger screen and the ipad mini really has no difference by apple. Also the ipad mini is made because apple wants to compete with the smaller tablets, such as Kindle Fire, Nook, etc. I do not think the ipad mini is worth it. The ipad 2 has way more selled than the ipad mini. I personally have a Ipad and tried the ipad mini. If you like small screens and more portable than you should choose the ipad mini, but if you want to just use it personally chose the Ipad 2.

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