iPad Mini 2 vs. iPad Air?

My dad is going to buy me and my younger brother a iPad soon and we are having a dilemma on whether he should buy a iPad mini 2 or and iPad air. We are looking for the better one in terms of entertainment and use. :(

We will use it solely for:
* Apps ( such as Minecraft )
* Internet Browsing
* School/Communication Purposes

Which of each wins in…
* Visual Effect/Clarity ( Retina Display, Pixel Density, etc. )
* Speed Processing
* Comfort
* Memory/Storage
* Portability
* Durability
* Battery

And… Does iPad air have more options than an iPad mini 2?

Thank you so much :D


  1. * Visual Effect/Clarity ( Retina Display, Pixel Density, etc. ) > ipad retina, because it has the same pixels count as the ipad air but on a smaller screen.
    * Speed Processing > same for both
    * Comfort > it’s a toss
    * Memory/Storage > not relevant, you can configure them both to the exact specs
    * Portability > ipad mini
    * Durability > same, none with survive a drop unscathed, buy apple care
    * Battery > around the same, apple air is better.

    ipad air is easier to the eyes because of its easier screen and browsing is also easier, the web page will fit more fully.

    I suggest you to an apple store and try out both in person. There is no time limit how long you can stay.

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