IPAd decision help!!?

I am deciding whether to wait for the new iPad (Anyone know the release date?)

or Buy the current iPad


  1. gutierrezjoel34 says:

    There are rumors that a new iPad will be announced in April of this year, though that is not for sure since Apple is really hard to predict when it comes to the release of their products. It is up to you if you would wanna actually wait for a new iPad or just go ahead and get the current one.

  2. physics says:

    buy ipad mini its really nice and even if u buy the new one which releases then its not much difference so i would suggest to go with ipad mini :)

  3. the new one is rumored to be out around October. But waiting for the latest technology is always a fools errand because the next new one is always just around the corner. The new one should be faster than the current ipad 4 which is in turn much faster than the ipad 2 based ipad mini. The question is if the ipad 4 is missing any features that you want that might make it into the new ipad. The things I want probably won’t so I have an ipad 4. Also, the new ipad will have the next IOS and since Apple hardware historically supports about 2-3 IOS versions before going unsupported, getting the new ipad with what will probably be IOS7 will probably be able to still use IOS10 when it comes out in a few years while ipad 4 may become unsupported after IOS9. But who knows what the new IOS’s will bring and what hardware will be supported.

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