iPad and iTunes technical help!!!!!?

Using only my iPad I bought a bunch of songs through iTunes on my iPad but I want to put the songs on my iPod too and if I want to get the songs onto iTunes then I have to completely sync up my whole computer with my iPad but I share iTunes with my brother and father and they each have like 2000 songs that I don’t want on my iPad so…how to I get the songs I bought with my iPad onto my computers iTunes library?


  1. Madison W says:

    OOOH. I just had to do that on christmas, I got a new computer.It the same thing, transfering songs. I know you go on I tunes, and it’s the file scection….. Oh gawd can;t remember what I did. I no it’s the file though.

  2. Alice Lee says:

    pchand ipad mate as a good helper of ipad could help you a lot. it could help you transfer music/movies between ipad and itunes/computer.

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