iPad advice ??????????????????????????

i am considering buying an iPad, any advice would be great.


  1. Tree Leaves says:

    what advice? when you buy something i’m quite sure its not called advice.

  2. Darcy Smith says:

    iPad is a touch-screen tablet PC with 9.7 inch screen and 680 gram. It is easy to be taken. It is one of the e-book that made by iPad company with the function of searching internet, sending and receiving e-mail, reading e-book and playing game, music, playing video or audio, etc. What interest me most is the big, beautiful Multi-Touch LED screen, with it, I can watch whatever movie as I like! Anyway, it is worth for me. As ipad do not support flash, so I had to use ipad converter to convert movie to ipad. http://www.videoipadconvertermac.com/

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