iPad 4 vs. iPad mini?

Which is better and why?
I want to get an iPad, but I’m not sure which one to get. I like the iPad mini because you can hold it easily, and it’s not too heavy, and it’s cheaper than the iPad 4 but it reminds me too much of the iPod touch/iPhone because it’s so small.
I like the iPad 4 because it’s clearer and it is a regular sized iPad. and it has a big screen and it’s easy to play games on, but it’s more expensive.
I’ve been reading on Apple the differences between the two and there aren’t many, but I still can’t decide which one to get.
I’m getting the 32 gb one for sure, but I just can’t decide on which type! Help?
I already have an iPod and iPhone, I don’t need another iPod lol


  1. If you’re going for a smaller lightweight product then buy the iPod touch 5th generation not the iPad mini. If you want something that’s more clear to see and can act more like an actual computer then go for the regular sized iPad.

  2. The iPad 4 by far, if you already have 2 very portable products, why get another one? But if you still need convincing, here is a list to prove it.

    iPad 4 has Retina Display, Apple A6 processor (3 times as fast as the iPad Mini’s A5 processor), faster, larger screen, better battery life, better for reading and browsing online, meanwhile, the only advantages of the iPad Mini are it’s portability, lighter weight, and thinner.

    So, good luck, and hope I helped!

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