IPad 3 vs IPad Retina Display?

I want to buy a IPad and i want to know which one is better. Is there really a high difference between these two? I know the Retina has a better quality camera but is there much difference in the speed of wireless internet? So which one should I buy?
Also where is the cheapest place to buy?


  1. Sinterklaas says:

    The iPad with the Retina Display has an extremely clear screen with virtually no visible pixels. That’s about the only difference between it and the previous generation iPad. The wireless speed won’t be different either.

  2. Just save your money and get a laptop, tablets are useless.

  3. freedom says:

    The retina display started with The New iPad(iPad3)
    Apple retrieves all the unsold New iPad(iPad 3) in Oct 2012 & make some hardware changes for the better, & calls the same name, The New iPad, but 4th generation, which is the current iPad with Retina Display in Apple stores now.
    So the iPad 3 does not exist anymore in Apple stores.

    The 4 key major differences between the iPad 4 & the old iPad 3 are:

    1. A6X (dual-core, w/ quad-core graphics) doubled the iPad3 which was A5X (dual-core, w/ quad-core graphics)
    2. Lightning connector from 30-pin doc connector
    3. 2x Faster Wifi
    4. Front camera is now 1.2-megapixels/720p(HD) from iPad 3’s VGA camera

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