IPad 3 vs. iPad Mini???

Basically, my school is making it a requirement to have our own device next year for high school, because they only give iPads to the middle school. I’m in eighth grade and have the choice to purchase the iPad 3 they have provided, but that would be between 5-0 for it and the case.
My other option is the iPad Mini for 300 and to choose my own case.

So which do you believe is a better option? Thanks


  1. Hi There says:

    If you want something you can take on airplanes, out in public, etc. The iPad Mini

    If you think you’ll use it at home. The New iPad.

    The iPad Mini does the same thing as the New iPad. But with an Dual core A5 chip
    The New iPad has an A6 chip with quad core graphics. Which has a faster performance.

    So the New iPad is faster but does the exact same thing as the iPad Mini which still has a really fast performance rate.

    So the iPad Mini does the exact same thing but in a smaller size and a little bit slower.

  2. Weirdandproud:D says:

    Ipad 3 will be better overall, trust me i chose ipad mini, in the end the ipad 3 is only as big as a slim book, and it’s much faster.

  3. IPAD mini it’s cheaper and it does the same thing, it’s also less bulky

  4. Sealfan says:

    Maybe it depends on what you can actually afford. If you can afford the iPad 3, then that’s fine. If you want something smaller and more portable, the iPad Mini is your best option. If you want a larger viewing screen, then it’s the iPad. I personally would pick the iPad Mini, since it is easier and lighter to carry around everyday.

  5. artneiver says:

    and nokia was the winner

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