iPad 3 release date and cost.?

When do you think the iPad 3 will be released, and how much do you think it will cost (in GBP)

I’m thinking of buying one, or at least buying an iPad 2, as I think the price of an iPad 2 will come down when the iPad 3 comes out.


  1. According to sources, the expected release date is between February to March.

    As for the prices (not official:(
    IPAD 3 with Retina display, A6 series processor and 2GB RAM:

    iPad 3 16GB WiFi – PRICE: 579USD
    iPad 3 32GB WiFi – PRICE: 679USD
    iPad 3 64GB WiFi – PRICE: 779USD
    iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 699USD
    iPad 3 32GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 799USD
    iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 899USD

    iPad 3 16GB WiFi – PRICE: 479€
    iPad 3 32GB WiFi – PRICE: 579€
    iPad 3 64GB WiFi – PRICE: 679€
    iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 599€
    iPad 3 32GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 699€
    iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 3G – PRICE: 799€

    1 U.S. dollar = 0.643 British pounds

    Or expect the prices of the iPad3 to be close to the price of the iPad2 when it first came out thus a deduction of iPad2 prices is very much expected.

    On the side note:
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    Here is the link:

  2. Russell says:

    There is a 95% chance that it will cost the same as the ipad 2 does now, and release late February to early march.

  3. Zi Yang Lai says:

    There is no iPad 3 it’s just a rumor
    But they predict that iPad is going to launch a 7 inch tablet

  4. Early March. I don’t know the price. I don’t remember how much the ipad 1 and 2 cost when they came out. But I would assume around the same price, maybe 100 bucks more

  5. Ride the Tiger Down The River Euphrates says:

    iPad release date: eventually

    cost: too much

  6. iPhone 5 says:

    iPad 3 is set to release in early March 2012. Though, I am not sure whether launch of iPad 3 will impact the price of iPad 2. Rumor also says that Apple will introduce iPad 3 in February itself, ahead of the said launch in March.

    Regarding the price in UK, I think it might cost you between GBP 400-450. Though it’s just an assumption.

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