Ipad 3 or ipad mini ?

I looking to buy an ipad soon,already have phone and iPod so just wanting to stay with idevices. It will be used for primarily a reader. I am in nursing school and found out we can download our textbooks. I like the mini bc I can throw it in my purse bu do I want the screen that is 2 inches bigger?????


  1. Insaneawesome says:

    the ipad mini is worth it. the screen size is much more comfortable than the normal sized ones.

  2. Anthony says:

    If you have 150 more bucks to spare for 2" bigger screen and you think it would be worth it. Then go ahead and get the iPad 3. The Retina display also does makes a lots of difference.

    Review from a user of iPad 3 and iPad Mini – would definitely be helpful on this decision:

    iPad 3 means bigger screen, better display, RAM and even the chip used in it is pretty good and comparatively better than the one used in iPad Mini.

    Whereas the iPad Mini means portability plus still you get all the features of iPad 3 except few only which is not much difference.

    You want portability so IMO iPad Mini.

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