iPad 2 or newest retina ipad?

Yay apple just announced a new iPad today. I was just wondering a few things since I plan buying one. With the release of the new one the iPad just dropped 0 in price but how much better is the new one, worth the extra hundred bucks? Also is eBay a good source to buy or should i go straight up apple store.
Last q I promise how will new retina apps look on iPad 2?


  1. ipad third generation … everything you need to know:

    -new display
    -new processor

    into a single comprehensive article


  2. Maximumdvd says:

    Yes, the iPad 3 is worth the $100 over the iPad2. If you are in the market for an iPad, it makes no sense to spend that much on an iPad2, because if you can afford it then you can afford the improved iPad 3.

    Also consider that Apple is always moving forward and not backwards so the newer advancements will be compatible with iPad3, and may not be so with iPad2.

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