iPad 2 or 3 or a replacement..?


Should i buy the new iPad or the iPad 2 ?,
Because i doubt ive i gonna buy the new iPad or just buy the iPad 2.?

And are there any good iPad replacements ?

NO 4G xD, im just 14 you know ;)


  1. get iPad3 cause it has 4g

  2. The iPad 3′s display is much higher resolution than the iPad 2 (or any other current tablet): 2048×1536 resolution vs 1280×800 resolution. That’s a difference of 3,145,728 pixels vs 1,024,000, or three times as many.

    Granted, $100 more for an iPad 3 is a lot of money, but if your budget permits, the display is actually substantially better on the iPad 3.

    The best of the challengers at the moment is the ASUS Transformer Prime…

    iPad 3 vs ASUS Transformer Prime (TF201)

    iPad 3 Advantages:
    + Apple’s legendary fit and finish
    + Retina Display’s amazing resolution (2048×1536 vs 1280×800 for TF201).
    + Cellular networking (3G, 4G LTE vs None for TF201).

    ASUS Transformer Prime Advantages:
    + Faster CPU 1.3GHz 4-core (vs 1 GHz 2-core for iPad 3)
    + 1 GB RAM (vs 0.5 GB RAM for iPad 3)
    + Integrated keyboard dock available.
    + Keyboard dock extends battery life to 16 hours.
    + 8 MP rear camera (vs 5MP for iPad 3)
    + Better ports: micro HDMI, USB, SD, audio (vs only audio on iPad 3)
    + Thinner: 0.327 inches (vs 0.37 for iPad 3)

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