IPad 2 32gb or iPad 3 16gb?

I’m considering getting an iPad for college. I do need the extra memory, but I’m wondering if it’s better worth it to get the newer version?

Also, when I sell it, would the iPad 3 16gb be worth more than iPad 2 32gb?


  1. William A says:

    I don’t understand the part of "when I sell it? Do you mean that once you are out of college you are planning to sell the iPad?
    Let me see if explaining a little bit of how Apple works help you make up your mind.
    Apple release a new iDevice practically every year, and every year the "old" iDevice lower their price for $100.00. It means that as of now the iPad2 should be selling for $100.00 less for what it was worth a year ago, the 32 gb. should sold for $499.00 instead of $599.00, and of course some retailers offer better price.
    But as Apple keep getting new devices every year, Apple also stop supporting old iDevices. As of now the iPad 1g is still getting support, but once they hit the 4g or 5g iPad, I’m sure the 1g would stop getting support. Another thing that you must have in mind is that sometimes they added new stuff to new firmware, of course they build the firmware according to the iDevice, but then lots of app could stop being compatible. You can check out some complaints from some iPhone 2g consumers.
    If you must have the extra space, then go for the iPad2 32gb. But if you can do without, then I suggest the new iPad, even thou is only 16gb.
    Whatever you choose, I wish the best of luck, and enjoy your new iPad.

  2. danomanfishing says:


  3. I actually have the iPad 2 32GB and my mom has the iPad 3 16GB. The two are pretty much the same , what you have to consider is what are the things that are most important to you. For example, the 3 has a 5mp camera on the back which is the same camera found on the iPhone 4, pretty nice quality. The iPad 2 camera is in my opinion pretty bad. The iPad 3 has the Retina display which is very nice and clear. The iPad 2 display is still pretty good. If you were to sell it i would say people would probably pay more for the new model even though the storage capacity is lower.

    So, if you thing that you really need that extra space go for the 2. But if you think that you can make it work with the newer version with less space take it.

    Hope this helps

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