internet setup for acer et1831?

Ok i have a acer et1831 and i want to attach a ethernet cable to it right?
I have a router which is innacomm w3400v6.
It has a blue yellow and red cable that i dont know what it is.
How to plug in the ethernet cable into my cpu?


  1. From your explanation, you are having an DSL router.
    The red and blue cables are RJ11 cable that connects the telephone and the DSL router.
    The yellow cable is an RJ45 cable that connects your modem to your computer.
    On the modem, the bigger ports are called the ethernet port (RJ45 port) and a single small RJ11 port..
    Check your acer laptop for a similar port as the R45 port on your modem, connect the yellow cable to it.
    For more information you can check on the below website

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