internet notebooks (or web books)?

I have seen advertised on the TV ‘web books’ (I think that’s what they are called). They look like laptops but are supposedly for surfing the net.

Do you know if you have to have a router and all that stuff? I know nothing about these things so please excuse my ignorance!


  1. I’ll not share my own ignorance with you on this subject, but I kinda like the new touchsmart screen thingys!

  2. qwackopaedia says:

    "Netbooks" or "webbooks" will have a port for a CAT5 cable/ethernet cable as well as a wireless network card. Basically, its a small notebook with reduced capabilities.

    Here’s a link to a few examples from Acer on the Best Buy website:||41636572&pagetype=listing

    you wrote – "Do you know if you have to have a router and all that stuff?"

    You need all the equipment you would normally use on any other computer. Unless you’re using that 3G network adapter card or whatever the proper term is.

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