im looking for a notebook?

im looking for a really small one under maybe 600$ to 700$ max maybe a 12" screen can u name some and please not ebay they have only second hand ones


  1. Catlover says:

    Dell has an on-line outlet – try that out – my Mom got a brand new one there.

  2. Get a Toshiba, or any one that’s good. Buy it from the official website.

  3. blackcat XIII says:

    well im not sure ull get a small notebooks for that much money but why dont you try dell notebooks the site does not have all of them though

  4. que.stiones says:

    sony or macbook. i’m a mac user. you’ll not regret having one. it’s complete and total satisfaction guranteed. a bit more expensive but worth it. just a suggestion.

  5. nick cicerone says:

    i would try dell or gateway

    for dell i would go for the referbished and try the dell outlet

    for gateway you can get a brand new one for about 600

    or try compaq or hp

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