I have a sony vaio problem.?

I have a sony vaio and its recalled for overheating but they made a new version that will stop it but I cant find the right download. Please help me find it. Also I have windows vista. Also I’m not sure if you need my Product Key but I don’t want to give it away because I don’t think its safe.
You can install software when you look it up on sony.
You can install software when you look it up on sony. Oh also heres the link where you find the update. http://esupport.sony.com/US/f1cw2update
I forgot to say this is a new firmware update that stops the overheating.


  1. You can’t download hardware.

  2. You can’t download a laptop, you have to buy/have it delivered!!!☺

    EDIT: The software to which you refer, is only a model checker to determine if your laptop is one of the ones with the problem. It WON’T fix it….
    From the website:
    To find out if your VAIO notebook is one of the affected units, please visit this link: http://esupport.sony.com/fixmypc. You will be prompted to input your product code and serial number located on the bottom of the notebook. It will be checked automatically against the range of affected units. If you find that your PC is one of the affected models, follow the instructions on the website and make arrangements for an inspection. You may also call our VAIO TZ customer hotline at 1-888-526-6219 to determine whether your notebook computer is affected by this issue and whether service is required.

    Sony will provide a shipping container and prepaid return shipping label for an inspection and, if necessary, repair at our service center.

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