i forgot my notebook password, HELP!?

hi there i have an acer travelmate 372mi running xp professional but i dont have a cd drive, only usb ports, and i have forgotten my password to log-on, is there anyway i can use password cracking software to be able to get round the log-in without using a cd drive? if there is could anyone point me in the right direction? any info would be a BIG help. thanks in advance.


  1. Jummy Jummy says:

    try this software: http://www.passwordresettool.com
    This amazing tool will get back your password very fast.
    I personally used it 2 months ago and I’m very satisfied with this product.

  2. HackDon says:
  3. Shane Rune says:

    do what tabby said, or download a bruteforce cracking software

  4. when your notebook ask your password

    press ctrl+alt+delete 2 times

    after you did this
    right ADMINISTRATOR in the username
    dont right anything on the password box..

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