HP Laptops VS Toshiba Laptops?

best small laptop (not netbook) for 00 or less???


  1. Toshiba is far better than hp.
    From better to worse in case of durability
    1. Asus
    2 Toshiba
    3. Acer
    4 Sony
    5. Apple
    6. Dell

  2. CuTTHR0aT2DaBone says:

    nuff said

  3. HammeringOracle says:


  4. ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ La La ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ says:

    HP, dont get Toshiba they are good for a while but are not very durable. My dog knocked mine off the couch and it wouldnt turn on.

    PS I have a HP now. LOVE IT!

  5. Toshiba is a infinitely better laptop then HP.

    Here is a rough breakdown of what you should by per what you want.(i am going to capitalize the brand name to make it easier to see)

    If you want a laptop that is durable but don’t care about specs -for example, if your not into video games but instead just want something that can do simple word processing, watching videos/movies and other not so high ram functions, you want either a SONY, probably a VISIO. Though this might be a bit more expensive then 1000 dollars. Though if you wait for a deal, you should be able to find for for a grand. Keep in mind these laptops are good for 10-12 years. No other laptop can do that.

    If you want a laptop that is a bit cheaper and has better specs, so if you want to play video games, 3D rendering, photoshop, etc., you want a TOSHIBA or DELL. Dell is a bit more pricey then toshibia but they are more durable and their customer service is pretty good. However, toshiba laptops come with random extra addons that are pretty cool. Toshibas usually have better camera, the DVD drive can also print the name of the disc if you have the proper disc(its called lightscribe i think).

    Now, if you want a CHEAP laptop, go with HP or any other brand. It really depends on how much yo use it, but HP is considered a tier lower then TOSHIBA or DELL.

    General breakdown of laptops/tier(so best to worst):

    1. Sony, thinkpad
    2. Dell, toshiba
    3. HP, all other brands

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