HP G61 notebook battery?

Well, I have this laptop, which for some reason is called a notebook in spite of its 15.6" screen. Anyway, I was looking for a battery to purchase since my current one is on it’s last juices according to windows anyway. I’ve had a look at the battery and it says 4200mAh, but shopping around I have found a really good battery 4400mAh at £19.99 from BattDepot.

So i have 2 questions:

1) Should I purchase the battery even though it runs at a slightly higher current? Will that affect performance?

2) Is BattDepot a reliable site to buy from?


(Sorry just realised that I had 3 questions there actually :P )


  1. i would highly recommend you purchasing the oem battery- ie contact HP and purchase one from them. reason being batteries are made differently- different chemical composition so you need to know what type you have and what to buy-

    if you buy the wrong type of battery although it fits it may not work properly ie not charge etc.- the flip side to the coin is it MAY work even better than the original one- its a chance youre taking here.

    check amazon first for a high quality battery or HP. lastly the current doesnt seem to be anything outrageous. it means that the original one can supply 4200 milli amps per hr and the replacement one can supply 4400 milli amps per hr. ie more power- but it may not last as long as the original battery- when it was new.
    never heard of battery depot..i’m not in the UK…sorry cant help you there.

  2. buy this 4400mAH battery Is reliable and useful

  3. doruletz1999 says:

    Notebook is the exact same thing as a laptop.
    NETBOOK however is different, being a small size, highly portable, lower end version, striped down portable computer for very light duty usage.

    For a replacement battery, eBay is your best option, try to find one that bears the HP logo, not the cheap China knock offs.
    The mAh (mili Amperes / hour), is a measurement used for battery energy storage capacity, not for current.
    Namely, a 4400 mAh battery will sustain a continous 4.4A current (or 4400mA) for one hour before discharge.
    As long as the voltage and battery connection prongs are the same, any and all lower or higher mAh batteries will work, the only difference is the time they will last between charges.
    Having a higher capacity battery is always better, as the battery will last longer between charges, just DO NOT buy a lower value battery.
    A higher value is always best.

    As far as that BattDepot site, just Google for customer reviews / feedback to see how reliable they are.

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