how to set up acer aspire z5700?

how do I set up my new acer aspire z5700? It came with no manual. At first I tried pressing f12 which was to boot.. but after 15 mins nothing had happened, so I pressed Esc. than Del to enter set up… nothing happening…. can anyone help please?


  1. HI.
    New edit.

    What do you want to do ??
    To restore to factory or from user backup>
    Turn computer on and when the Acer splash is on screen hold Ctrl and keep pressing F10.
    You will need a password , if erecovery has been ran before you would have been asked to create a password .

    If erecovery has never been ran before the default password is "000000" (six zeros).

    Just in-case you did not mean "How to recover">

    To get the user manual >

    It should be in "Window mobility" ( Windows key and X) or type "guide" in to start search box.

    If it is not >
    It is a good idea to do this just so you know your way around if you ever need to make a factory recovery or restore from a corrupt OS.

    Windows Start > Acer empowering tec > Acer erecovery.
    First use you will be asked to create a password.
    Click recovery on first window then select "Applications and drivers" from the list.

    You can now select "Contents " and then select " Windows mobility plug in" ( The user manual will then be both in start menu search box and windows mobility( Windows key and X ).


    Just select user manual and not contents to view it from the recovery window.

    PS You will also note you can burn discs and back up to hard drive from the Acer erecovery console and would recommend doing this.

  2. You will find the user guide/manual here by model number and much more:

    When you first turned on you lap top it should load to the set up screen. It also should have had a quick set up and user guide packaged with the lap top.
    When first powered on press F2 repeatedly to enter set up works for most computers.

  3. your Acer should boot into the set up on its own without the need to press any buttons at all. The set up process continues the partial installation of Windows completed by Acer and allows you the User to add the personal information to set up your user account.
    F12 should allow you to choose the boot device, you do not want it to change to anything but use the hard drive to boot from as normal. If it fails to go into the final part of the set up then I suggest you take it back to where you bought it and get them to repair or replace it, something is wrong.

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