how to reset my laptop?

i have a windows 7 laptop from Toshiba.,….


  1. Bassman1 says:

    Before you order Recovery Media, please make sure you have exhausted your free recovery options. Most in-warranty Toshiba computers have a special hidden recovery image containing everything needed to restore your software to its factory-fresh state. Click here for instructions on using this FREE option. The special hidden recovery image can also be used to create recovery disks for future use. You simply provide the blank CD or DVD discs. Click here for instructions on creating recovery discs yourself.

  2. You use the recovery software that you either bought with the laptop, created when you first turned on the laptop or the recovery software that is already on your laptop. This will reinstall windows and your computer will be reseted to factory settings. Backup anything important onto CD/DVDs, flash drives or portable hard drive or online storage.

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