how to reinstall acer eRcovery management?

i have got a notebook acer aspire 5552G ..I accidentally uninstalled acer eRecovery management :( how i can reinstall ? please help me :(


  1. Bassman1 says:

    What operating system is installed on the laptop ?
    Did you create or do you have the operating system recovery disc or DVD made for the laptop ?
    Back up all your files to external media then do a system recovery / reinstall putting it back to factory then install your copied files, Internet security and run Windows update.

    Can I download an Acer recovery program for my computer?
    Answer; Acer ships all new Windows computers with a Recovery application that allows users to create system recovery media, and recover the computer’s operating system from the hard drive.

    If you are no longer able to use the Recovery application, you can use recovery media you created to restore the system. If you do not have access to a set of recovery media, you may be able to purchase them by visiting our Acer Store and clicking on eRecovery.

    If the eRecovery application has been removed or the hidden partition has been altered, there is no download available that will allow you to restore it.

    Order eRecovery media

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