how to connect my sony vaio VGN-N38E to my lcd tv?

i have bought SVGA to 3 RCA , VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor Cable and SVGA Monitor VGA Male to Male M-M Cable Lead HD15 but only the latter one has really connected but it says out on range on my tv(pc channel). i have a pc mode on my tv. i have tried all channels thou help please


  1. Gerald J says:

    If your TV has VGA input, then just go from your computer’s VGA output to your TV’s VGA input. The input and output port on both the devices should match, if you have S-video out on your computer and S-video in on your TV, you should do it that way, same with a DVI in and out. You may have to buy a video card if your tv and computer don’t have compatable outputs and inputs. Otherwise on Sony’s Help and Support site, they should have the information you need, I have a Sony Vaio myself.

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