how to clean laptop :D?

How to clean laptop scream and keys x


  1. DONT use household cleaners on the plastic parts or you will eventually start seeing scratches and whatever shine will be rubbed off. with the unit(s) turned off and unplugged (for safety) use a soft damp cloth for the top surfaces and a cheap 1" paint brush (from lowes/home depot or hardware store) for between the keys. you could also use canned air but, that is an additional cost (from office depot/office max or walmart). there are also kits for vacuum cleaners that have tiny suction brushes and other useful attachments that would help with the tiny crevices. they just connect to your regular vacuum cleaner hose.
    Good luck

  2. Repunzel Anderson says:

    i use just a damp cloth and brush over the keys and use key spray and use a glasses cloth for the screen or just a duster, because the top of my laptop is shiny black i use a little bit of widow cleaner on that too. hope this helps xxx

  3. you need to reinstall your operating system.

  4. No Splash Without Log says:

    Turn it off and unplug it. Then wipe it gently with a slightly damp cloth. Do not spray any cleaners on it.

  5. for the laptop screen use a slightly damp cloth with some washing up liquid in the water. Do this with the laptop off or it will dry out before you can wipe it off. You need to wipe the damp liquid off the screen or it will leave smears, use a soft lint free cloth or soft paper towels (not tissues but kitchen roll).
    For the keys use a degreasant product, but spray it onto a cloth not directly on to the keys. DO NOT use the degreasant on the screen.
    Ideally you want a can of compressed air to blow the crud out from under the keys and you can also use it on the fan and vents, do this before cleaning the screen or you will have to clean it again.

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