how quick is dells delivery service?

I purchased a pink studio laptop and its nice from dell I live in liverpool uk and I was wondering if anyone has purchased from dell that likes in livepool or the uk. How quick is the delivery service to the uk is there an outlet store in the uk. My estimated wait is 7 – 10 working days so how long do you think dell will deliver it. I bought it online and only customised it to pink and had biometric finger reader. one nogger hard drive an processor. Do you think that will make it longer? I’ve heard dell or pretty quick with delivery except the sit on ur money for interest a lil bit. Ive recieved an email for my reciept. But when I checked the tracking It said

"We’re unable to give you an update at the moment.

This may be because:
We need to finish processing your order.
You may have entered the wrong Internet Receipt number or Email address.
If you have paid by Cheque or wire transfer, we may not have received your payment yet*."

I payed by card and I got it yesterday "12/8/08"

I think its the first one. What does that mean. CAn you also give me the steps of the whole delivery

Ino its alot to ask but please Ill give points if the answers good.


Patience is not one of my strengths. =D


  1. johnfrancishurley2003 says:

    I have recently bought a Dell laptop myself in Ireland and it only took about a week and a half . You can buy Dell laptop’s in Dixon’s Stores in Ireland . I am sure you can do the same in the U.K. .

  2. It will get there when it gets there – usually within 14 days – don’t forget, your computer is not off the shelf – it is made to order – so take into account that you ordered it say on Monday.

    Order will not go thru to process until Tuesday – then onto production Tuesday/Wednesday – So by thursday the bods on the factory floor will get the paperwork and start to get the bits together – if they have them in stock.

  3. Well dell make their systems in 2 diffrent countrys for the uk

    For desktops and servers and all their made in limerick republic of ireland
    For laptops and small electronics they are made in china

    Ive read some storys about laptops arriving in a few days (wich is fast for coming from china).

    But my personal (an first) experience with dells delivery is brilliant, i ordered a desktop from dell last year, i ordered it on the monday and got an e-mail saying it shippied on the thursday, on the friday the interlink man was at my door with the computer (i wasnt in though), so i actually got it on the monday, but i live in belfast so its only 4hrs away.

    But dells tracking systems can be down, but you should recieve it soon, if there is no order problems, such as a lot of orders at the same time, it takes them longer to get them built and shipped out, or if theres problems processing the card (if the delivery address doesnt match the card address) and so on.

    But since you only ordered it yesterday id say wait a while lol, im not very patient either, but as you ordered it yesterday, you could be lucky enough to have it on monday or this time next week. Be patient i know its hard, i was the same with mine lol.

    i forgot to say, you can buy dells in pc world, tescos and zav vi, but your best getting it straight from them as its the way you want it, and pc world, tesco and zav vi dont customize them.

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