How many ipads is there?

I know the fist ipad,ipad 2, and the one with retina display plus ipad mini but i heard ipad 4 is it the ipad mini the ipad 4 or other one?


  1. No. There is the iPad
    The iPad 2
    The new ipad
    The iPad with retina display( some people call it the iPad 4)
    The iPad mini
    The iPad air

  2. There are 4 different types of full-size iPad and 1 type of iPad mini.

    The full-size ones are:

    iPad – the original iPad
    iPad 2 – adds dual-core CPU and more memory compared to iPad
    iPad 3rd gen. – adds Retina display and more memory compared to iPad 2
    iPad 4th gen. – similar to iPad3, but with a faster processor and new USB Lightning connector

    The mini sized:

    iPad mini – similar specs. to the iPad 2, but in a smaller 7.9" screen and with Lightning connector

  3. the forth is ipad mini

  4. I think you got them all.

  5. Idontunderstand09 says:

    It’s only 4. The 4th is the mini…
    But I wouldn’t recommend the mini, and take a look at the Google nexus 7 for only $199, if you want a small powerful tablet.

  6. There have been 5 generations of the iPad in total:

    The original iPad.
    The iPad 2.
    The New iPad (with Retina Display).
    The iPad with Retina Display.
    The iPad mini.

    When people refer to the iPad 3, they’re referring to "The New iPad (with Retina Display)", and when they refer to the iPad 4, they are talking about "The iPad with Retina Display. Currently, the iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4), and iPad mini are sold.

    I hope this helps.

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