How many iPad models are there now?

I know there was the iPad 1 and 2, and also the iPad Mini. and i thought something called "The New iPad", but then a review website was reviewing the "iPad 4", so when i went on the apple website there was "iPad with Retina display", which it seemed to market and a whole new model and i couldn’t find any mention to "The New iPad", so i’m just sorta curious as to how many iPads there are.


  1. The New iPad is the iPad 3, you also have iPad and iPad 2, along with the iPad Mini iPad with Retina display, so there are currently 5 versions of the iPad that have been released.

  2. Corvato says:

    iPad 1 (discontinued)
    iPad 2
    iPad 3 (usually just called the "new" iPad, also discontinued)
    iPad 4
    iPad Mini

  3. Ladiesman122 says:

    iPad (2010)
    iPad 2 (2011)
    iPad 3 (2012) (The new iPad with retina)
    iPad 4 (2012) (Same as 3 except faster)
    iPad Mini (2012) (7 inch version of iPad with iPad 2′s specs)

    So thats 5 total

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