how long should one change laptop?

I bought my laptop a year ago and just wondering how long a laptop can last.


  1. At first you know why need change laptop ? Till it serviceable should not change it. After all no time limitation is available for changing the laptop.

  2. Computers don’t have expiration date.As long as it does what you want you don’t have to replace it.

  3. See it depends on the company.i had an acer laptop which worked good only for 2 years.but then it started to slow down and hang.but my dad has 2 laptops Lenovo and dell which r now of .3-4 if we calculate average the life of laptops is 3 years and that of computers is 4-5 years.laptops get damaged more quickly than computers (except apple laptops).but if u have an apple laptop/notebook it can last for 5 years approximately

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