How do wireless laptops work?

Probably a dumb question to alot of people, sorry!

Thinking of getting a laptop, how do wireless laptops work? Do you have to plug something in, can it be used so that more than one laptop can be connected to the internet at any one time? And can you just move round the house freely with the laptop?


  1. Wireless internet on laptops works by connecting wirelessly to a local domain (typically in a house or office). In order to connect wirelessly, you need to have a wireless networking device (either an external card that connects through your pcmcia slot or one internally embedded in the machine). Most new laptops have wireless cards pre-installed in the machine. The laptop communicates with a wireless access point in your location vicinity. Wireless routers also serve as access points.

    (No plugging leads in, and yes you can move around)

  2. Tracdoor says:

    Most new laptops come with adaptors built in, so you don’t need to plug anything into it, your modem connects to a wireless router and then the router transmits packets of information received by your modem to your laptop via radio waves. So yes you can move around your house freely.

  3. abcaeiou2007 says:

    It seems that you need a wireless network router. However both the router and the laptop need to be set up for the wireless to work.
    If you decide to encrypt the wireless connection using a network key, then you must input it on the laptop in order for it work.

    You can move around freely around the house and use more than one laptop at a time. However it depends really on the strength and range of the signal. The closer you are to the router, the faster the connection speed.

    I’m currently using a laptop and I’m connected to the internet by a wireless connection. My brother uses a computer and we both use the same router except he uses a cable.

    I hope this helps. Take care always.

  4. insane_mad_maniak says:

    you have to have a wireless modem.

    the signal probably wont go real far from the modem, probably about 5-10 Meters.

    with wireless you dont have to plug any wire into the laptop to be able to connect to the internet, but you have to by law, have your own internet connection and not use somone else’s.

    you can also send and recieve files from other computers that are wireless.

    more then one wireless computer/device can use the same modem at one time. you will have to have a code that is put in only once, if your modem has a WEP key.

    you can also have one computer that is connected with a wire and one that is wireless, and they will both be able to use the internet at the same time.

    how close you are and the signal strength you have will determin how fast your internet connection is on the laptop, and if you get to far away from the wireless modem you will lose your connection.

    Hope some of this helps ;)

  5. if the laptop has wireless adapter built in it
    your all done just connect to a network
    and move around like want not to far with your raouter range

  6. The laptop has a built in wireless adapter, and then you have a wireless router wich connects to either your phone line or cable modem, and you can connect as many laptops to your wireless router as you want. Think of it a bit like a cordless phone.

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