how do i fix my sony vaio laptop key?

One of my laptop keys has fallen off and there are two plastic tabs that hold it in place which i don’t know how to place to fit the key in.


  1. ♥Jennifer Jeter says:

    Call Sony. I have a sony vaio and this has never haooened to me. I’d definetly call sony and ask them
    Good luck

  2. This happened to my Advent Laptop from PC World. I took it into the shop and now the key is attatched, but you have to click it down to type x. I called the Advent Warranty Claim Line and they said they wouldn’t repair it because they thought it was down to user damage.

    They’re a pain to get back on and the manufacturer, if they agree to repair it, will probably replace the whole keyboard.

  3. google it

  4. idk

  5. Valarie H says:

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