How can I conect Laptop ?

can you sow me conect laptop with deshtop


  1. There are mainly two ways of connecting a Laptop to a PC
    1)Through LAN
    2)Through Bluetooth

    The first one doesn’t need any s/w(software), but a LAN card or NIC(network interface card) Ethernet Card , and a Twisted pair cable with RJ(register jack)45 crimped through cross over crimping on either sides of the wire.

    The second one needs to have a Blue tooth dongle either inbuilt or an external one connected to both the Laptop and a PC.You need to install Blue tooth drivers.

    There are several ways to connect a laptop to a PC.
    1) if you have an Ethernet card installed on your laptop and on your PC you can directly connect them with a cross-over LAN cable (in case You don’t have network hub). or a straight LAN cable if you are using a network hub or network switch between the computers.

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  3. TriDragon says:

    The easiest way would be to creat a local area network (lan) using a router or hub, plug both computers into the hub using cat5 cable (ethernet cable). Then you share all the drives on your laptop by right clicking and choosing share (go through all the security stuff and click ok). Then you go to network places on your desktop and choose show workgroup computers, all the drives from your laptop will appear. Click and drag the files you want to the appropriate drive on your desktop.

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