History on laptop help?

I plugged my laptop into my dads computer and just wondering… Would the sites I have been on show up on my laptop or my dads computer (just curious)


  1. Ever_Night says:

    here’s what you have to do:
    1. do into your dad’s computer
    2. get into the browser ( should be the same one you used on your computer )
    3. find out how to delete the history OF THAT DAY
    4. delete whatever need to ( if anything shows up )
    5. choose this answer as a best answer
    6. see a psychologist to help you deal with the stuff you saw in your dad’s history
    7. have a nice day.

  2. It depends which computer you were using when you visited the sites. If you visited them on the laptop they will in the history of the laptop and when you visited them on your dads PC they will show up in his history.

  3. tlworkroom says:

    Don’t understand what you mean by "plugged laptop into dad’s computer".
    There are several ways to "plug into" another computer.
    Using dad’s internet?
    Using Dad’s power?
    Using dad’s memory?

    If you mean you plugged into the internet thru your dad’s computer, NO, your sites wouldn’t show up.
    However, if your laptop is plugged into dd’s computer, as an alternative drive source (such as flash drive or external hard drive), then dad’s computer would indeed have access to your laptop, unless the laptop is turned off. But it wouldn’t necessarily be able to see what sites you’d visited.

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