Help with my Sony Vaio laptop…?

Hi, I have a Sony viao laptop that i use all day long – the power pack gets so hot it starts to smell of burning- is this normal and how do i stop it happening?? Its only a year old.


  1. Police Girl says:

    You have a problem!Check your comp

  2. mariagethai says:

    It seems to often be like this, sony can’t be perfect

  3. I would take it to a sony centre if there is one nearby if not return it to the seller, a burning smell is not normal from the power pack even though it does get very hot, one way of helping alleviate this is to make sure your not sitting the laptop on anything and to let it cool down for 15 minutes after using it for a few hours

  4. a_sexualasianangel says:

    It is just what they do. I also have a Sony Vaio. I plug a power cord into it whenever possible, that is about all you can do.

  5. Good question. I have a Sony Vaio too. Mine keeps shutting down on me whenever I try to reload the system disks. I thought it was the fan on mine because so many people have said that this is a major problem with Vaio’s. Check the fan if it smells like it’s burning.

    It’s easy to take apart. You will need a really small phillips precision screw-driver. There are two screws, one is on the left of the internet shortcut pad and the other is just underneath it. Get some compressed air and blow out the fan area and see if this helps.

    Good luck.

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