Help with iMovie on iPad 2?

I have the iPad 2 and I am trying to take an imovie project off of my ipad and put it on my mac for further editing and i am also trying to take imovie projects on my mac and put them on the ipad for editing on the go. Could some one tell me how to do this? I am trying the share thing through itunes in the app tab under my ipad but that doesn’t do anything. Please help!!!


  1. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    You can export the iPad 2 movie to Mac by this iPad Max.
    An ideal iPad Manager, Transfer plus Converter

    Export iPad content to Mac computer for backup
    Mac iPad Transfer, transfer iPad files to iTunes library
    Import movies, music and photos pictures and videos shot by the device from Mac to iPad/iPad 2
    Rip CD/DVD and transfer to iPad directly
    Convert iPad incompatible videos/audios and transfer to iPad
    Create/delete/rename photo albums with the Mac iPad converter
    iTunes 10, iOS 4.3, iPod touch 4, supported

  2. I hate to breK it to you that site is a scam you can tell because there are misspellings and no truly professional site would have them. Also if apple wanted you to test their products then the URL would be through apple, because it isn’t then you know it is a scam.

  3. Damien Clark says:

    When Apple launch a new product they always get people like you and me to test it for them. The iPad 2 is no exception. Become a tester for the iPad and once you have finished you get to keep it! Get more information from

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