Help with acer aspire a150…?

I have an acer aspire a150 and yesterday it started slowing down and it wouldn’t display all of the pages on the websites that i was visiting, So i turned it off and when i turned it back on it came up with a black and white page saying ‘startup repair (recommened)’ and ‘start windows normally’. I first clicked on start windows normally then the screen went black then a quick flash of blue, then it turned off all together. So when i turned it on again i then clicked startup repair and it then came up with a page that was apparently repairing my laptop, when it had finished it restarted then when it came up again it just came up with the same page and ive like done it like 100 times and ive even done system restore but it still aint working.


  1. Did you use the Acer restore or the windows restore ???

    Give this a go hold ALT and repeatedly press F10 when the " Acer logo is on screen at start up".
    Or in your case when it is trying to start

    Hope fully even if you have never made a back up you can get your computer back to factory default.

    PS If you have never made a backup befor you would have never been asked to create a password if this is the case i am sure the default password is "000000".

    ( six Zeros)

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