help needed on acer security password recovery?

i have an acer 5630 laptop running on vista. the previous owner who i cant get my hands on has set up a password on the acer security therefore i cannot reboot it. i checked some sites. none are straight forward.. any help people… wud appreciate it..thanx
its not the user accounts im worried about. what i mean by reboot is formatting it. abd this password wont allow me. i dont know who the previous owner is. i read sumfin abt using an Ultimate boot disc. i have that but i dont know where to navigate to in order to find the password.


  1. Acer security? You mean it won’t boot without the password? If that’s the case, you’re going to have to do a little more research. There’s a way to reset the bios so it forgets all the settings and goes to factory. It involves opening the box and shorting the motherboard.

    If you mean Vista security, you should be able to boot into safe mode and log on as administrator. From there, change the other password (or remove it).

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