Help Me : iPad 2 or iPad Mini ?

I already owned the iPad 2 but sold it. Now I’m trying to decide between the iPad 2 or iPad Mini. I do miss my iPad. I use the iPad mainly for watching movies, browsing the internet and reading. Gaming was minor on it but I did game a bit. I do love taking photos but the ipad 2 camera quality wasn’t great for that.

I’m buying protective cases/screen protectors online for whichever one I choose so I need help.


  1. i personally have the iPad with retina display .it has a 9 inch screen.

  2. Well, how much are you willing to spend? The iPad mini costs less, but the iPad 2 is bigger and would be better for watching movies and reading – like you said. However, the iPad mini is easier to bring places, and is much smaller.

  3. MinecrafterX2 says:

    iPad 2.
    The iPad 2 has better screen quality than the iPad Mini and it is faster. And the bigger screen makes everything much easier.

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