having problems with programmes on laptop?

okay, so i had a new hard drive installed in my laptop because my old one got corrupted. anyway, i have had so many problems with programmes as the computer people didn’t re upload anything. the first problem i am having is when i go to watch a dvd on my laptop using windows media player it comes up with ‘Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.’ on my old hard drive i used to watch dvds on something called HP dvd play. the second problem is i have an integrated camera, but i can’t load it up. i can find it on my system and it says it’s working properly but i can’t find it to use it.

any help please? i’m not very computer literate. oh and it runs on windows vista basic if that helps.


  1. ebox1349 says:

    The video issue is easily solved – download this
    Free DVD player – http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    The camera issue is because the software is not loaded. Go to the HP website, find your Model number in the Support and Downloads section, input the Windows version and there will be a list of drivers to choose from. Download and install anything that is not working properly, you may see it listed as Unknown Device or has a yellow exclamation mark against it in the Device Manager list (go to Control Panel > Device Manager).

  2. Go to the website of your laptop’s manufacturer company. There you can find drivers for your laptop. Just select your laptop and then download n install.
    You can find Model number of your laptop on ur laptop battery, under the battery or somewhere near the touch-pad

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