has anyone pre ordered the iPad?

are you getting one? I’m not already have an iTouch, iphone, and blackberry.
do i really need an iPad?


  1. ♥Vσℓdy's Daughter Is Dαιsy♥ says:

    I have an Iphone…the Ipad is just a worthless huge version of it…

  2. Well, depends how big you’re flow is every month. Also, if you have one and you’re friends have one, they’ll sync up!!

  3. Coffee Dude says:

    get back to work

  4. Ѵⱥ₦Ɛ₴₴ⱥ įs Ɖʀưƞƙ says:

    iPad?!?!? wtf? is that for your period?

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