hardware upgrade for dell gx270?

i have a dell gx270, it has a 2.4ghz processor and 512mb ram
its gotten too slow for my personal use and would like to upgrade the ram, the cpu mainly , id be looking to upgrade the ram to 2gb at least if not 4 and the cpu to around 3ghz
id appreciate any help in terms of compatible ram and processor chips and how much itll cost etc
any links would be a great help


  1. Hi,

    From that information it is really impossible to give you any advise.8-((

    That range of pc’s had a variety of processors so you will need to know exactly which model and type you have installed.

    Also which socket type the cpu is installed in as they were different as well.8-((


  2. Here are the specs on your computer:

    The processor upgrade is basically a dead-end. The best you can install is a single-core Pentium 4. That Optiplex GX 270 is old hardware from around 7 years ago and the motherboard cannot accept newer generation CPUs. Going from a 2.8Ghz P4 to a 3.0Ghz P4 wouldn’t even be noticeable.

    Any compatible parts would be used, from Ebay or similar sources. No merchants carry old, slower PC3200 SDRAM in stock anymore. For example, here’s a pair of 512MB chips that would work on your computer but assuming you have 4 memory slots, that only gets you to 1.5GB total:


    I don’t see any Dell-specific 1GB modules listed, so you could take a chance on these:

    But older motherboards were often quite finicky about the memory they could accept- and other than adding RAM, upgrading would simply cost more than it’s worth.

    For a serious upgrade, your best option is simply buying a low-cost new computer (preferably a standard tower). Something like this is light-years ahead of what you’ve got now:


    And this is even better:

  4. Bringing Salvation says:

    honestly a new system would be cheaper as that ram is literally obsolete and expensive

    and the board is really old as is the case

    heres a step up

    if usa

    $339.99 free shipping for watching videos webchatting and small time stuff if you want to game youll need the following upgrades

    6670 amd 1gb

    500w psu certified ( as the psu on the thing is only 220w not good for gaming.


    if uk

    311 free shipping

    does everything gaming medium


    regardless these machines will be a massive improvement and there good for the price

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