Graphics cards for notebooks?

I just got a new laptop and the graphics card is terrible. I’m not a gamer so I don’t need a fantastic one but this can barely even play flash stuff. What can I get that’ll be half decent and won’t kill my laptop? lol. Thanks
Yes Spudmonkey, which I why I said I only wanted a half decent one that wouldn’t kill it =P


  1. gam3fr3aks says:

    Nope…no way to upgrade the graphics on a laptop. There are a very small number of laptops that have cards MXM cards, but they tend to be high-end cards anyway.

    There is but one hope…if your laptops graphics card use shared memory, then look in the bios (press Del or F2 at first boot screen) and look for the shared memory size. Try bumping this up a bit, it may help a little bit.

  2. You probably have an integrated card which cannot be replaced. You can try adding some RAM. Can you return the notebook and exchange it for one with a dedicated card? Check with who you bought it from. Some stores and manufacturers allow you to do this.

  3. Laptops don’t come with separate graphics cards. The graphics is integrated onto the motherboard so you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

  4. man who is lost says:

    If your graphic card is sodered to the mother board, you can not replace it. If it is not, typical of nicer laptops, you might want to look at some of the nicer Radion cards.

  5. any one really the only question is getting one that is harlf good and cheep wich is rare to get for a laptop

  6. I’m afraid that your graphics card will very likely be a component of your laptop and not an expansion card which can be replaced.

    I’d try updating your drivers and increasing the screen resolution in the Display Properties / Settings area. Check the color quality setting there as well.

  7. I was under the impression that you could not add a graphics card to a laptop. You are stuck with the one that came with it. At least that is what the guys at best buy and circuit city told me. They may have said something about adding it externally but the time required to run it doesn’t really help, but can actually make it worse. Sorry.

  8. george_graham_crayford says:

    you cant, you need a desk top to b able to upgrade graphics cards nto a laptop

  9. spudmunkey says:

    If you are having problems with Flash video, this has nothing to do with your video card, and more to do with your processor.

    As far as video cards go, many laptops do not support video expansion. Many have "on board" video, and they are not able to be uprgaded (Heck, some Dell and budget desktops are that way, too).

    For anyone to recomend a video card, your exact laptop model number would be needed, because not all motherboards support all video cards.

    Also, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase a video card that can handle twice the performance the rest of your computer can keep up with. (why put a 1000 horse power engine in a Ford Focus, when the rest of the car couldn’t cope with the power…does that make sense?)

    However, laptop video cards (because of their compact size and cooling requirements) often cost double their equivilant desktop video cards.

    You may want to try a lower screen resolution. Although, LCD’s are really only made to look good at their "native" resolution. Maybe try dropping your colors to 16-bit, from 32 bit.

    You would do this by right-clicking on yoru desktop, and selecting "Properties." Then, select the "Setting tab." This is where you can change your resolution and color settings. To make your computer run faster and smoother, you want it to have to process less information, which means a lower resolution, and lower amount of colors. While it may run faster and smoother, it may not look at good.

  10. Is your laptop a Dell, as some models you can upgrade the graphics card.. I did

    as long as you don’t have Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 as these are built into the motherboard

    I had a Dell Inspiron 9300 which had a x300 (64mb) which was awful at games. I managed to upgrade to a Geforce 6800 Ultra (256mb) but you need to open the laptop up to do this. I did it because i wanted to play a few high tech games.

    You also pay a higher price for notebooks graphics card (£199 notebook £90 for desktop version).

    But for Flash your laptop should be ok as my other notebook which is 4 yrs old plays flash stuff with out any problems.

    Do a virus/spy scan to clear up any problems….also
    hold CTRL/ALT and DELETE to see what processes are running you m ight have programs installed using up your hardware resoureces

    Hope that helps.

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