good laptops to play games on?

hi do u know any good laptops to play games on around the £500 mark and good websites with good deals, thanks, also do u no the best laptop brand?


  1. Dell Inspiron 15R is a good value for the money, good procesor, good monitor
    light for it’s dimensions.
    key are a bit too "plastic", noysee when you type.
    the case is a bit glossy, but the color is saving you from having a laptop full of fingertips.
    in conclusion, I would recomend it. enjoy

  2. Taha Shaikh says:

    Hp pavilion dv4 is a good choice.But the ultimate laptop (also the most expensive) is the alienware laptop.It has every required for gaming

  3. Jordan Elderkin says:

    I would highly recommend taking a look at these easy to understand gaming laptop/notebook reviews before making a purchase elsewhere

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