Good Cheap Websites For Buidling Laptops?

Good websites for building your own laptop cheap?


  1. treefish says:

    Use or — best sites for buying computer as they offer outstanding support, lowest prices, unmatched selection, and fast low cost to free shipping.

    Go to the laptops section and narrow your results by using filters on the left side of the page to "build your own"

    there are checkboxes next to each item, you can compare several models if you are having a hard time choosing between a few brands / models

  2. Newegg. com

    Also keep in mind you are building your own laptop so finding all the parts cheap that you want isn’t as easy as a pc.

    and have fun finding a case you like. You are better off buying a lapyop or building a full pc.

  3. Doru Ubuntu says:

    You cannot build a laptop yourself. It is very hard to impossible.
    But you can custom order a good laptop.
    AVA Direct is the best place for that. They build the Clevo, the best gaming laptops, but they are not cheap:

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