Good and fast laptop?

Good and fast laptop?

Mainly for video editing. And cutting clips. And sticking them together ect. I want it to be really fast as well. Could you put some links to the laptop aswel? Thank you no higher than £500


  1. vivek.r R says:

    Hey, for video editing you’ll need a powerful laptop.

    Need a fast processor, get the latest one. (Maybe a fast i7 processor will do)
    Need atleast 16gigz of RAM to handle all the power.
    A powerful graphics card. (Don’t check only the Memory; also check the GPU power)
    A nice LED display.
    Need a cooling system to cool the hot and powerful hardware.

  2. Mac Books are awful don’t listen to Jay.


  4. Mistical beauty says:

    Try HP laptops mines the best and I have HP Pavilion g6 really fast and accurate

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