Glue in Dell Charging point?

I managed to get glue in my DC port of my dell laptop. Now it wont charge… Whats the diagnosis? What should I do?

Just buy a new DC port?


  1. ebox1349 says:

    what sort of glue? Often when dry most glues are either flexible or brittle.
    Brittle is good as you can compress it and crack it, this should allow you to be able to remove most of it with a pin or thin nail or similar. Try not to press to hard on the central pin if there is one or you may bend it.
    Flexible is a bit more difficult as you have to try and prise it out and hope it will peel off, this is not as easy as it sounds and requires patience and a bit of luck.
    If it is super glue there is a dissolving agent but I have never bought any so would not have any idea where to get any. Hospitals have it but unless you know a Nurse or Doctor you are unlikely to get any help with this patient!
    As to replacing the DC Jack, it can be done, very fiddly and multi soldered points mean you have to be very accurate in your soldering, most people are not!
    Good Luck

  2. bon-gart says:

    The kind of glue decides whether you could remove it from the DC jack. But in general, you would need to replace the DC Jack itself, yes. The jack can’t be taken apart successfully to remove all the glue, and the glue in the jack would interfere with making a connection as long as it was there.

    Unfortunately, most Dells use a DC jack that has like 9 solder points, making them a total pain in the butt to remove… and I should know as I can’t count all the Dell power adapter ports I’ve had to replace.

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